Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Poetry of Fashion

The combination of great writing and great fashion could not be found in any better place than in the works of poet Deborah Tyler-Bennett.

This highly talented woman says that her work is influenced by vintage fashion, which is an influence shared by Debbie Bryan Studio & Shop. Deborah looked picture perfect 1950's when she joined Alison Knox and Tina Bettison for a Flash Mob Poetry reading at our shop on 8th December, which was a huge success!
Here is what Decorah had to say about her part in the Nottingham Festival of Words:

As a Nottinghamshire born writer, it’s always nice to be asked to do something connected with the city of Nottingham. Many of my poems are set in and around the county, featuring some characters based on ancestors in the hosiery-trade who worked as stockingers. So, being Writer in Residence for Nottingham’s first Festival of Words provides me with a wonderful opportunity, both to write about the city and its lace-making/ textile heritage, and to inspire others around the theme of Love and Lace.

When asked to write a short poem on the theme to go on a postcard for the festival, I thought of lace’s delicacy, its ‘heirloom’ qualities, but I also thought of the hard-graft of making it.”

Deborah’s eagerly await poetry reading will be will be on Friday 15th February from 5pm to 7pm, during the pop-up tea room with Designer Lucy Renshaw, so this is an evening not to miss!

Lucy will be available to sign copies of her fantastic Textile Handbook, a step by step guide to up-cycling, re-cycling and re-crafting. For information about her lamp design workshops on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th May, please follow this link: http://debbiebryan.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/make-your-christmas-gift-last-until.html

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