Friday, 18 January 2013

Stella Corrall lit up our Christmas, now she’s lighting up Nottingham!

You will definitely remember Stella Corrall from our Christmas Heart of Heritage this December in the Flying Horse Walk. Her lighting pieces added a beautiful atmosphere and warmth to our vintage theme festive window, and now, she’s changing the mood of Nottingham Light Night!

Stella’s company, Lucentia Design, is an eco-business with a strong set of moral principles, and on Friday 8th February, Stella is our resident maker and will be shining a light on the ethos and moral framework behind her stunning designs, such as the importance of recycling and being environmentally aware.

We will also be showcasing lighting collections from Lucy Renshaw, Laura Oliva, Hannah Nunn and Nottingham Eco-designer Sarah Turner. If you’d like Stella, Debbie and our other talented designers to light up your night, be sure to visit our Lace Market shop on 8th February, we’re open until 9pm!

Debbie Bryan Studio & Shop –
18 St Mary's Gate,
The Lace Market,
Creative Quarter,
The Lace Market Nottingham,

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