Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Introducing Narrative 2013

A powerful message can be communicated through a variety of different mediums such as through spectacular artworks, great literature, fashion, designs, music, craft, performance, and through a variety of other arts.

One of the fantastic things about the Nottingham Festival of Words, and Particularly Debbie Bryan Studio & Shop’s contribution to this festival is the collaboration of people from different artistic disciplines working together to explore how their message can be translated into different art forms.

Narrative 2013 is set to be a fantastic collaboration between Debbie Bryan Studio & Shop, and Peter Clayton of the Leicester Print Workshop, in messages of love and lace are going to be explored through print. Love is a very powerful emotion, and powerful messages create the best works of art. Lace is a material cherished by the people of Nottingham, as part of the city’s great cultural heritage.

These fantastic prints have been created by artists Sally Hill, Peter Clayton and Sat Kalsi, and will make a fantastic contribution to the Festival of Words and the season of LACE:HERE:NOW, and will be exhibiting 9th February to 6th April. In addition to the exhibition, a spin-off collection will be for sale at Nottingham Castle in Debbie Bryan's Cabinets, so you can take home a part of this festival to treasure as your own. 

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