Friday, 21 December 2012

There’s something special about Debbie Bryan Studio & Shop

Where as in other shops, you may find the same products repeated over and over again, at Debbie Bryan our designers, makers and artists create limited edition pieces that are just for us at our Lace Market shop and our Heritage cabinets at Nottingham Castle, Newstead Abbey and Wollaton Park.

We thought that in this festive time of giving and receiving, we’d give thanks to all of our talented designer-makers, and give recognition to their fantastic work in our shop... and it’s quite a long list... deep breath... here it goes...

We’d like to thank illustrator Corrina Rothwell for her black and white photography and digital illustrations of the Lace Market and of Nottingham Castle. These limited edition pieces which feature Rothwell's signature sense of humour are available to purchase at our shop and Nottingham Castle.

We’d like to recognise Nicki Dennett for her beautiful collagraph prints. Nicki is a very talented print maker who we’ve enjoyed both from her artwork and from her workshops, such as Speed Craft! There will be another workshop with Nicki Dennett on the 22nd June.

Next, we’d like to highlight Claire Gage’s lace mugs, which have been a wonderful addition to our shop and very interesting pieces for the season of LACE:HERE:NOW. Claire’s work is more than just a tribute to her own talent and our shop, but also to the great heritage of Nottingham and the Lace Market.

Debbie Bryan Studio & Shop would like to recognise Katie Almond for her stunning ceramic work. These limited pieces can add something extra special to any home, and certainly stand out in our shop. Katie Almond’s work is also available in Nottingham Castle and includes work inspired by the Castle and Nottingham's Lace Heritage.

We’re almost sold out of the fantastic work created by Emma Britton. Her limited edition lace coasters have been best sellers in our shop, and we’d like to thank her for these beautiful pieces. But not to worry, there are still a very nice collection of Emma Britton coasters and surface protectors for sale at the shop.

Julia Church’s lace inspired pyrography jewellery has been yet another tribute to the great heritage of Nottingham’s Lace Market. We’d like to thank her for the wonderful work she’s produced for our shop.

The paper panels produced by Joy Norman have been fantastic pieces to display and sell in our shop. Her work is always rich in texture and pattern and we’re very thankful to have her wonderful work decorating our creative space.

Kit Anderson’s photographic tiles really are something to stop and enjoy. Kit fixes her photography onto the surface of ceramics to create truly beautiful results. We’re extremely happy to have featured her unique and interesting creations.

We’d also like to recognise the work of J.C Middlebrook for her exquisite napkins, which are inspired by the gates on Nottingham Castle. These napkins are available in the shop at the Castle Gallery Shop, as well as our shop, were you will also find delicate lace jewellery. 

Stevie Davis is another very talented designer-maker that you’re sure to remember from Speed Craft. Her wonderful and unique glass work is sure to shatter your heart. Stevie will also be holding a workshop with Debbie Bryan 19th January 2013, so book you place before they’re all gone.

Alys Power is an amazing jeweller, who has created many treasures for our shop. Alys’ work is created using reclaimed, reused, reinvented and recycled materials, so she’s a friend to us and to the environment. Alys will be hosting a pendant and brooch workshops with us on the 16th March.

Sarah Allen is a hand-weaver who has hand dyed our locally made Nottingham lace. Sarah then added adds these beautiful lace trims to her hand-made fabric purses, which we love showing off in our shop.

Illustrator Lucy Anne Harding is usually inspired by her family business and the days of being on her father's milk round, but just for us she created a collection exclusively for Wollaton Park. If you’re curious you should visit over the Christmas holidays.

Another amazing illustrator is Laurie Woodruff who spent a day at Wollaton’s industrial museum, after which she created a series of hand-finished limited edition prints of the lace machine house at the museum. These detailed pieces really capture our local history.

Don’t forget that unique, one-of-a-kind work by Debbie Bryan herself can always be found in our own Lace Market shop, as well as at Nottingham Castle, Wollaton Park,  Newstead Abbey with a  selected collection at Nottingham Contemporary too! 

also worth a mention are Louise Dawn Wilson's wirework  pieces, Stella Corral lampshades, coasters and placemats, Jason Holroyds lasercut artwork, Craig Fellows scarves and bags, Smashing Chintz china cows!, Sarah Burton ceramics....    

We’re also excited about our new collections which will be available in 2013, just in time for Valentine’s Day, by artists and designer-makers such as Jodie Patterson,  Emma Bamford of Penelope Ruth, Phoina Richards of Rare Notions, Hannah Lobley of Paperworks and last but not least cement and textile artist Bethany Walker.

We will continue to proudly display the creations of our many talented artists, designers and makers in the New Year, and if you’re giving a Christmas gift from Debbie Bryan Studio and Shop, it’s sure to be unique and unlike any gift in any other Christmas stocking.

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