Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Nottingham Lace and Embroidered Linen Tablecloths

We've been busy developing the Debbie Bryan Heritage collection and now have a beautiful selection of lace and linen tablecloths in the shop.  You can pick up one of the readymade samples, or choose a design and have one made to your own specifications.

Our 100% cotton Levers Lace designs were first created in 1845 and the fabric is now meticulously crafted less than 8 miles from our studio by a family run company in its 9th generation. 
This is then handfinished in our studio to create timeless pieces to be treasure for generations.  They are available in white, ecru and black or can be hand-dyed to suit your requirements...

Rich in heritage, quality and history, our linen fabric is woven in Northern Ireland and proudly bears the Irish Linen Guild 'carpet beater symbol' (as it’s colloquially called) - the mark of true Irish Linen. Our industry partner has been established since 1854 and uses fine raw materials, skilled weavers, advanced loom technology and careful finishing to create our fabrics.
The embroidered designs are inspired by our vintage drawings and include the very same lace that was used by the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace to create the lace appliquĂ© for Kate Middleton's exquisite Wedding Dress.  These designs are added to the linen in Nottingham's Lace Market...

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